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Hi there and Welcome! My name is Maya, and I am a coach for special parents
I am so blessed and honored to serve to special parents. This is my call and my purpose. I am able to help parents who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Being a parent to a child with mental and/or physical challenges is hard and stressful.

I know what your most common thoughts are:
“ I can`t do this.”
“ I can´t believe this is happening to me.”
“ Why me and why my child?”
...and so many more...

Well, you are in the right place to find out that your biggest hardship is your biggest opportunity. Life is happening for you, not to you.

I had the most fantastic teacher in the world – my daughter Joana. She was born on a beautiful October morning six years ago and lived her life with physical and mental challenges.

In the beginning, I felt lost, desperate, stuck, hopeless, sad, shocked, and angry. I was in denial and self-pity.

And then I found my way to accept, be happy, optimistic, and feel enthusiasm, gratitude, and joy. It took me a while to achieve this.

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What Wonderful Special Parents and People Say

  • I´m an exceptional parent, just like you are! I have an exceptional child just like you have and I know she has an exceptional potential! But before I knew Maya it wasn’t always like that….. I was desperate, sad, in panic, was blaming life for a struggle… Maya opened up my view, showed me how life can be amazing. So kind, full of love, she made me feel exceptional as a person and as a mum! If you don’t feel this way I absolutely recommend to contact her! Our kids feel our energy… If we are sad because they have a challenge they know, they feel… and it's not a good feeling when you think your parent is not proud of you or happy to have you!!! Maya helped me to feel different and to accept the situation and challenges we face. Yes there are challenges but everyone has them. Can’t thank you enough Maya for everything!!! I’m one very happy mum with one amazing and happy girl!!!

    Ivona Marchelja Paravic from UK
  • Being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it is also the most challenging one. Being a parent to a child with some disability is an additional challenge. Most of the day is fulfilled with fear, questions, and confusion. I was a confused parent and had the chance to work with Maya and she is amazing. Maya helped me to come from confusion to clarity. She gave me tools from her personal experience, so now when I am thinking negatively, I turn to my child and I am looking at him closely and I know what he is trying to say to me. Maya thought me that they are children with special desires, not with special needs. After every conversation with her I feel calmer and I feel like my strength is back. And for a parent, strength and clear mind are precious. Maya has great experience and she always calms me and gives me directions on how to get to answers I am looking for. She is teaching me that in the most challenging situations with my child, I can find a way to first help myself, so I can help my child. And what is most important to me, she helped me realize that no matter how big the challenge is, having a “special” child is one great adventure that is full of love.

    Anita Chaushevic from Bosnia


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