15 Reasons Why Personal Development Should Be A Priority To You

These are  the 15 reasons that I think are good arguments why your personal development should become a priority to you.

  • if you feel like you don’t have a purpose;
  • if you hold back on something you’ve always wanted to do because you are too scared of everybody’s opinion;
  • if you feel stuck;
  • if you experienced some significant loss of a loved one or sickness in the family and you feel like you are never going to be happy again;
  • if you feel like you are working the wrong job, you have no idea what to do instead;
  • if you think you are not good enough and you don’t have any talents;
  • if you feel like the people are always rude to you;
  • if you think that you have a problem that has no solution;
  • if some of the closest people around you annoy you and you would like for them to change;
  • If most of the conversations with your children end up with fight;
  • if you feel you are in a bad relationship;
  • if you always struggle with money and you think it’s your destiny;
  • if you feel a lack of self-confidence;
  • if you are doing actions hoping you will be liked by everyone;
  • If you feel like you don’t want to do certain things, but you are forced to by your boss, society, or family.

What is personal development?

It’s a compilation of many activities. If you do them consistently, you will achieve indescribable peace and joy.

Here are my favorite activities:

Read books

Not just one genre. Read everything that gets in your way. I know people who read only thrillers or only drama. No, no, no. If you are limited to just one genre, you are missing a lot. They are so many books that can change your perspective and therefore change your life. Also, there are many books not worth reading, but you never know until you give it a chance. The biggest debates and polemics are about the genre “positive psychology” or self-help books. There are thousands and thousands of them, and I admit that not all of them are with clear massage and offer tools that are really helpful.
But some of them are real diamantes and can help you improve any life-situation. My ego allows me to read this kind of literature. I understand that it is ok to educate yourself on how to be happy, how to be a good friend, “how-to” with your money. That the goals you have can be accomplished only if you first put them in a notebook; that its ok to wish for more; that the people who say “I don’t want anything more. I am perfectly happy with this middle life standard I live”-are often lying to themselves. Because if this was true, why they feel little arrows of envy when someone they know achieved living materially and emotionally more qualitative life? My ego allows me to admit that I need to educate myself on many subjects, and I want to learn that from the people who already did it.

Watch motivational videos or listen to podcasts from successful people

They all tell their journey that is full of obstacles and mistakes. Every one of them is saying that failure is not the end. Failure is just another step towards success. And what they taught us at school? No matter what country you live in, the school system is pretty much the same. You make a mistake, and you are punished. You’ve given a wrong answer, and you got a bad grade. That’s how we’ve became afraid to do mistakes. And you won’t find a successful person in the world that won’t say, “I’ve had many failures over the years.” The thing we all have to learn is how to get up from failure and move again. That is the only difference between the winners and the losers. And the fear of failure is the reason number one why we stay where we are and not take any action towards achieving the life, we know we deserve.

Setting up a morning routine

It’s a must. Period. You are not going to move from where you are even for an inch without a morning routine. It’s crucial to start all the changes within you. Meditating, visualization, journaling, writing down goals, and answering the question “Why” to every sentence you write.

Hire a coach

You can always do everything alone. I started myself doing all of the things that are in this article. And I decided to hire a coach 10 months after setting up my morning routine. I am so glad that first, I tried alone to define and pursue my goals and the conscious way of living because I can make a difference: what does it mean to do all that and have a coach by your side. It’s so much easier, clearer, and effective. But it’s very important before you hire a coach to set up your goals and know what you want to accomplish in the coaching sessions. Coach is not an entertainer and can’t tell you what you should do with your life instead of you.

Be grateful and appreciative

Be grateful and appreciative of the people in your life, the things you have, for the planet you live in. Be thankful for every day you are alive, for it means that today you have a chance to make a difference in your life.


Exercise! Don’t skip this. Don’t convince yourself that you don’t need it. Do you feel like going to a gym and training is only for fancy people? No. it’s not about playing modern person, showing off in a gym, or building a six-pack. It’s about staying healthy. You can do it in your home, even if you have a tiny room. Do you know how 10 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference in your body and health? Show some self-love, give yourself this gift of working out every day. It produces endorphin – the hormone of happiness. And don’t start “from Monday.” Start right now. The 70-year-old you will say Thank you!

Implement these things, and the results are going to be amazing. You will thrive. You will become a fantastic example, and that’s how you will serve the world. New ideas will come to you, and you will dare to go toward making your dreams come true. Why not? To me, that is the point of life.
Do you think that our lives are supposed to be just: study – find a job that pays the bills but not give you any pleasure (for 30-40 years of your life!)- pay mortgage-and to retire? Hell no. Where are the excitement, the fun, the enjoying? The changes and the challenges are coming our way, whether we want that or not. It’s up to us to make the best out of every situation.

There is a way out of every problem. There is room for improvement in everything as long as we live. Start to change yourself for the things you don’t like change too.

Everyone needs personal development. The keyword is “development.” Our lives are continually changing. Why not prepare for that? And this must be in our conversations all the time because we fall in the illusion of thinking that if we got to “that” age, and we settle done, and we find that job, and we marry the love of our life, and we have 2 kids like we’ve always planed it, and then we will be careless and happy. Is nature always the same? Not even for two days. The events in our life change, our bodies change, people are born, and people die every single day. Stability and security are illusions. The only secure thing is change. But we are creatures of habit, and whenever something puts us out of balance, it causes suffering. In order not to suffer, we need to dive into personal development.

Don’t make excuses that you don’t have time for personal development. If you read this article to this point – you have time. Don’t make excuses because it means you are making excuses to not allow yourself to live fully and content. Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book “The big magic,” says: “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”

And what happens when you are committed to personal development for years? You’ll still have problems, challenges, obstacles, and insecurities. Your job is to find a way to put yourself in a balance, over and over as long as you live.

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