5 Favorite Benefits From Personal Development

Personal development can undoubtedly bring you many benefits. I’ve noticed huge changes in my life and personality since I am on a personal development journey.

I do believe that personal development can save you in every huge challenge.

Becoming a special parent and learning how to deal with this major life challenge was the trigger that brought me on this journey of self-discovery.

These are my 5 favorite benefits from it:

1. Learned to live in the moment.

Previously I wasn’t even aware of how overwhelmed I was feeling from the past or that I was anxious and worried about the future. Instead of being in the moment, present, and enjoying the conversation with the person in front of me or taking a walk with Joana, I tend to run thoughts in my head.

I was thinking about things from the past, what I could’ve done differently, how could this or that turned out better, how could I have avoided some mistakes… Or I would be too anxious and too worried about the future. There are skills and methods I learned of staying present, mindful, and how to live in the moment.

There is one very important thing: there is no way to feel anxious, sad, or desperate if you are completely focused on this moment right now.

2. Becoming aware of myself and realizing I can do at least something in any situation.

I took the time and investigated my personality through many different assignments to learn who I am exactly. What are my values? What are my current perspectives, and what can I do to change them if they don’t serve me? these are not the things that just pop up in our minds. You can achieve this only if you put some effort and some time into doing that intentionally.

Learning about ourselves, our values and priorities, why we are making some of the decisions is something that is impacting all of our behavior. Depending on our behavior, we are getting the results we have.

It was very important to see where I am in all of this so I can clearly see where I want to get.

3. Time management

Learning more about time management made me realize that it’s not about whether we have or don’t have time. Time is something that can be created.

Previously I would give automatic answers: I don’t have time for x,y,z. It was applied to any suggestion that would come to me that was a little outside my normal routine.

I don’t believe in the concept of “Not having time” anymore. Now I believe in creating priorities, creating clear goals, and prioritizing things in the right order. If I didn’t learn this concept, I would have missed so many good opportunities in the last 3 years.

Now I know that my 24hour day is organized in a way for me to get the most of it:

– be productive as much as I can

– have fun as much as I can

– do all the things I want to do.

All this reduced my stress enormously because I learned not to spend my time but to invest it.

4. I learned that first me, and then the Universe.

There is no such thing as “Law of attraction will give to me,” and all it takes is to make a wish, visualize, sit where I am comfortable. It doesn’t happen like that. Every time that I actually felt that I get help from the Universe and I’ve witnessed some smaller or bigger miracles in my life, there was always something I have done first.

I had to get out of my comfort zone, make that uncomfortable call, apply somewhere, do research, clear my intentions, calm myself down, set up goals, look for help. There was always something I had to do first, and then the help would come.

This was huge for me. I had periods in my life when I tended to be very passive and in a victim mode. I was reactive (not proactive) and just observed my life’s circumstances without taking any action.

I would always have the excuse of why I don’t do something I should have been doing. I used a million excuses but not anymore.

I took responsibility for my own life, choices, actions, and decisions.

5. Never-ending learning

Every new understanding brings me to another book, another workshop, and the next level. In personal development, there is no final destination. It’s an ongoing journey. There is always something more that you can learn and understand. The more I learn and understand about my life, things just get better and better.

For example, learning how to solve discipline issues can lead you to greater accomplishments.

Personal development techniques and methods are something I work with all of my clients. My own example shows me that this brought me many great things. Personal development has a huge part in overcoming any challenge.

Try something from this article, and you will see how you will become more aware of your potential, possibilities, strengths, and self-power with learning about yourself.

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