Hi there and Welcome!

My name is Maya, and I am a coach for special parents.


I am so blessed and honored to serve to special parents. This is my call and my purpose. I am able to help parents who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Being a parent to a child with mental and/or physical challenges is hard and stressful.

I know what your most common thoughts are:

  • “ I can`t do this.”
  • “ I can´t believe this is happening to me.”
  • “ Why me and why my child?”
  • “I deserve a better life.”
  • “Am I in the wrong movie?”
  • “I don´t want my child to suffer.”
  • “What have I done to deserve this?”
  • “This is somehow my fault.”
  • “I am so sad my child is in a wheelchair.”

Well, you are in the right place to find out that your biggest hardship is your biggest opportunity. Life is happening for you, not to you.

I had the most fantastic teacher in the world – my daughter Joana. She was born on a beautiful October morning six years ago and lived her life with physical and mental challenges.

In the beginning, I felt lost, desperate, stuck, hopeless, sad, shocked, and angry. I was in denial and self-pity.

And then I found my way to accept, be happy, optimistic, and feel enthusiasm, gratitude, and joy.

It took me a while to achieve this. For the first four years of her life, I struggled, and I thought I will never feel like myself again. Well, I learned that my biggest hardship is my biggest opportunity, and I learned how Joana is my biggest blessing the way she is. She brought our family and me so many incredible experiences.

I guess this was her mission, which she accomplished magnificently. In November 2020, she finished her earthly journey and gone into pure consciousness and love.

As you can see, the struggles and the fears of special parents are not strange to me.

I have empathy and understanding for your milestones, and every time you feel stuck.

Here you can find testimonials of clients who’ve worked with me.

I am a good match for you if you seek relief if you want to change your challenges and turn them into your strength. I can help you become the best version of yourself who knows how to make the best of any life situation.

Check out my blog to find answers and my perspective of all the elements of special parenting.

After 3 years of continued personal growth, I developed a new system of values that serves me and makes me happy. That is:

  • I believe in taking responsibility for my choices and decisions;
  • I believe that life is happening for us, not to us;
  • I believe that personal development is the key and solution to all problems;
  • I believe that things are not how we see them, but we see them how we are.
  • I believe that things will change the minute we change. And we change by changing our point of view.

“Why me?” is not the right question.

“How can I live a happy and fulfilled life despite all the challenges?” is the question of which answer will bring you peace and happiness. How can I learn and grow when facing an unwanted situation that I cannot control? Not all things are perfect in life, and there is plenty we can’t control.


Why Special Parents Coaching?


Working with a coach will bring transformation and take you to live the life you want and deserve.

You are not just a special parent.

You are so much more.

You are a smart person, a loving parent who wants the best for their child. You are open-minded, willing to learn, re-examine your current beliefs, and be willing to transform the challenges into opportunities. You are welcoming change, and you are eager to take action. That’s why you are exploring this website.

Let me say this to you: I don’t think you are stuck. I don’t think having a special child is a tragedy.

I think that one day you were just a regular person and the next you’ve become a special parent. You’ve become a doctor, a nurse, a therapist, a nutritionist, a professional organizer, and more flexible overnight. You’ve managed to survive through all the pain.

Let me show you how to use all these qualities to live a happy life.

I am excited and happy to have you on my website.

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Make excuses or make changes – the choice is yours!