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I was just starting to quit personal development, and I am so glad I found this course. There was too much information in other courses, and I couldn’t understand all of that. I was a little afraid that this course would be like that as well. I am giving Kickstart to be in control of your life a high score.

Luckily it turned out to be very clear, specific and I really understood everything. I am successfully implementing the methods I learned. I got clarity, simple methods, and tools that are not taking too much of my time.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone confused by the methods.



This course is great, motivating. I found exactly what was missing, and in my case, it was changing my energy from unstable into positive. I had a lack of clarity in my mind and ideas before that. I did a lot of personal development work. I knew theoretically what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t have directions. Now there are plenty of options in front of me (which one should I choose😊).

Before getting into this group, I had my doubts and fears. It was unfamiliar, I didn’t know what would happen, but my intuition said, “go on, try.”

This is my first group coaching experience. The idea of members helping each other was a crucial reason I chose this course.

I became much more confident and motivated to accomplish my goals. I discovered that I could help and get help. I changed my energy and became more positive. I learned that it takes work and sometimes sacrifice to achieve any goal, not just visualization.

My takeaways are new better habits. I know exactly what I should do to get results. I am recommending this course to anyone. It was not just good for me, but my positivity went to my child, husband, and my whole surrounding. I will choose to whom I will recommend this course in the future because not everyone is ready to walk the talk, only to those people who are prepared to improve their life. Everybody wants this, but not all are ready to give their contribution.



The Kickstart course to be in control of your life brought many positive changes in my life, through self-care guidelines, morning and evening routines, guidelines for improving relationships with people … and all that complemented by Maya’s wonderful energy, desire to help, to share from her experience, to fit together 6 different people, made this course great.

Before joining the group, I had no knowledge of what coaching actually means or what it can bring. I had heard about morning and evening routines, meditation. Still, I did not practice them, I had no knowledge of books on self-improvement, I had not defined well and precisely my goals. I had no doubts about the course.

Knowing Maya and her life for the last 7-8 years, I knew there was no doubt that it would not be quality. I chose Kickstart to be in control of your life because of Maja, because of all the content on the social networks she posts, and because of her huge potential to learn and motivate. I felt comfortable, surrounded by positive energy during the sessions, with people full of understanding and willingness to motivate and help.

The main benefits of this course would be the awareness that anything can be done (I’m talking about behavior), the tools to do it, and literature that could help me in the processes. After working with Maja, I started the morning and evening routine. I discovered meditation as a tool for working on myself, I was not unfamiliar with exercising, but now I know how to be consistent in it, how to approach the achievement of goals …

With this project, I discovered that I can do more than I thought and that if something is put on paper, the chances are much higher than it will be realized. Thanks to the course, I discovered that I can do more and that there is a way to work on myself and how to improve both physically and mentally despite all life challenges. My most significant result will follow soon😊.

As habits, I will keep the routines, exercise, a diary, writing in general, meditation, and expressing gratitude … Some of this I have already started to practice with my child. I think the course is most suitable for people who are open to new challenges, ready to work independently, maybe older than 30-35 years, with a family. Since my course experience is positive, Maya is a wonderful person, a teacher, I would certainly recommend it to others, telling them my positive benefits (listed above)..



This course is making you seriously work on yourself. It’s full of directions and wow moments. Before getting into the group, there was a lot of confusion in me, and my self-confidence was in the red. I knew exactly what will I get here, and I had no doubts. The sessions were full of directions, education, questions about everything you need to look inside and unravel the answers that you do not know how to answer if you do not ask the right question. I learned this here.

I became aware of many things about me personally, for example, when I am focused and when I need to do that more. I discovered when I use excuses and when I use positivity to hide my fears. I reached true joy and satisfaction after I deleted the unnecessary with the help of Maya.

The work on myself continues (luckily, now I have the methods and techniques for the rest of my life).

I recommend this course because Maya has “dharma” to read the person and discover what is getting on the way.



I rate the Kickstart to be in control of your life course with a grade of 9 (if the scale is 1-10), although everything was great, and there is always room for improvement. Before joining the group, there was a bit of confusion and disconnection in my life that I heard and knew from different places. Here I got the magic formula that Maya managed to come up with.

I already knew Maya’s way of working and her enthusiasm. I chose Kickstart because I know Maya’s practicality and efficiency, how educated she is, and how she draws knowledge from great teachers. Maja has opened my horizons to coaches and teachers that I do not currently follow due to language limitations. That’s a big plus for me.

After finishing the course, I return to the lessons again and again and break them into segments for more efficient application. My gains from the sessions are that they made me visualize myself with a clearer picture of myself and the future. I have pushed the boundaries of beliefs that do not serve me anymore. I solved the fear of charging for my services and learned how to approach problems.

I learned to create goals and imagine my future identity related to those goals. Anyone who wants to learn for themselves and learn proven guidelines for how things work can find this course useful. Maya is a strong human being, and she handles life in an impressive way and successfully helps others do the same in their lives. I think that’s more than inspiring. Thank you, Maya, for every advice, direction, and help.


Monika, Berlin

Kickstart is a five-star program. I was in a place of not clearly knowing what I wanted and also wasn’t sure of my capabilities. Knowing Maya, I chose this program without thinking twice. I know how capable she is and that she is so amazing. If she could create success in her life circumstances, she can help anyone get to that place as well.

If I say I am thrilled with this course, it doesn’t describe my experience these 8 weeks. Every session exceeded my expectations.

Because of Kickstart, I mastered my time management skills, I am enjoying the support of the other ladies in the group, and I came back to my old passion again – writing. I overcome limiting beliefs, and now I know that I am capable of so much more. Years don’t matter, and I am so much more confident. I am moving towards success. I adapted so many useful habits. Most importantly, I am finally consistent, disciplined and there is no way I am quitting on my dreams.

I am recommending Kickstart to be in control of your life to every woman who:

  • Is deeply insecure about who she is and what she wants
  • Wants to work on personal development because there are so many valuable tools in this course

Needs a strict teacher but a gentle friend. You will find both these things in Maya.


Lile, Macedonia

I enjoyed each Masterclass of this course.

I received great advice. It helped me create a strong route in my life.

With the work I did in this course, I found out that I’ve been very critical. I learned how to organize my time better and other useful methods and tools.

My discipline has improved, and I learned to accept things I can’t control. This course is perfect for people who struggle with self-confidence and want to learn how to grow their awareness. In this course, you will adopt very useful habits and start to notice positive things in your lives.


Anita, Bihac

I give Kickstart five stars. I received answers to all of my questions and a precise plan to achieve the results I wanted. Earlier I didn’t know where to start or how to organize my time. During the sessions, I felt trusted and calm. I knew I was in the right place to get the answers I needed.

My takeaways from Kickstart are organization of the day, an increase in my productivity, defined goals, and the steps I need to take to achieve those goals.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to take control of their life back. If you are looking for someone trustworthy, objective, and encouraging, you should go to Maya for mentoring.


Vaska, Macedonia

Before Kickstart, I knew very little about personal development.

Also, I thought of myself that I was a quitter, and I give up too soon.

And now I am very happy to see how much I developed and succeeded with Maya´s guidance. Maya is so motivating and so generous in sharing all of her knowledge and experience.

This group coaching course for me is a beautiful experience with an incredible amount of positive energy and some fantastic women who are now my friends. My biggest results of this course are the self-confidence I gained and feeling peaceful and happy. Maya is incredible, and I recommend this course to anyone.


Aleksandra, Frankfurt

I chose Kickstart because I already have one-on-one experience working with Maya, and I achieved great results.

This group coaching was an amazing experience because of the learning, the interaction, the fun we had during our sessions, and the new friends I’ve met.

Now I have more clarity, motivation, and self-confidence. I love myself and my life, and I feel joy each day. I was surprised to discover how effective working in a group is.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves and finds personal development important. I saw that no matter the challenges in life, we can all live happily and fulfilled. If we dare to take responsibility, amazing things can happen.


Ana, Germany

This course is a great sublimation of techniques and methods of personal development. Here you will find the motivation to define and achieve higher goals in life and connect with like-minded women. We shared among each other many ideas and experiences. We enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere during the sessions and spent quality time together. My personal gains from this course are better discipline and increased motivation. Also, I met some incredible women. I am taking new habits around the routines, personal development work, and the goals setting process from this course. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to work on themselves.

Irina, Switzerland


I have to admit that Kickstart was a pleasant and positive surprise. After a friend’s recommendation, I’ve been following Maya and discovered her energy is unique and breathtaking. I have been doing personal development work on and off for the past seven years. I also tried many different group sessions and psychologists in some countries I lived in. Maya and her program are nothing like I have ever been to. Again, the word is: She is unique. During our sessions, I enjoyed it a lot. The other ladies were amazing and gave me a feeling of belonging. I learned many techniques to help myself and others, and I trust myself more now. People who are open-minded, willing to learn, and willing to admit they need some help are great candidates for this course. I would say that Maya’s coaching is the best way to start or continue working on yourself. The sense of community and friend-making is beyond describable – and community is very needed for success.


Jana, Macedonia

If you want to improve your life, changing something is not just possible but necessary. Kickstart is a very well-constructed course and has a great dynamic during the sessions. I like Mays’s energy, peacefulness, and capabilities. For me, it was difficult to start and do all I did during this course by myself. It was fascinating to see myself how I behaved with  group of people I met for the first time. It was so nice to do things all together as a group. Now I know I need to keep changing. I also know that personal development doesn’t end with the last Masterclass of this course. This course is the right fit for everybody because everyone could use some work and improvements in their relationships, self-confidence, self-love, dealing  with other people, and time management. Maya is a real professional and very committed. It shows that she is constantly reading, learning, and improving not just as a mentor but also personally. She really walks the  walk.


Natalia, Germany

First, I made a deal with myself that I wanted to be a better version of myself. Then, I accepted this precious gift: Kickstart to be in control of your life. It came at the best possible time to wake me up, make me more aware, and encourage me to get what I wanted. 

In this course, I overcome barriers and self-doubts, and from now on, I will continue to insist on my personal development. Before the course, I felt I didn’t have enough time. I was lost in the everyday to-dos and had to-s. Now I start my day with a self-care activity!

I know Maya and that she is a mentor who is inspiring and encouraging, very open, and has a sense for “the right” timing. During our sessions, she was exactly like this: she reads you, looks beyond, she was creative and relaxed all of us. Maya unselfishly shares her experiences and resources and gives methods, techniques, and strategies. Here you will make many new friends. I have so many new useful habits now: meditating, a healthy diet, exercises, new goals, journaling, processes…

Now I know that everything is possible.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves and become more confident, brave, strong, and self-loving.


Natasha, Macedonia

Before Kickstart, I’ve been reading and exploring personal development, but I haven’t started practicing any tools yet. The sessions were an absolute pleasure, and I felt great. There was enough time for discussion, questions, and many examples. Being part of a group helped me overcome procrastination as we were doing the same homeplays at the same time. I couldn’t get away with postponing. 😊 Since I worked with Maya, I have learned so many things about myself. I became more aware of the importance of self-care and self-love. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to be motivated to become a better version of themselves in a highly energized atmosphere with amazing women in the group. Maya is very well educated, competent, and ready to meet your expectations.





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