A kick-start to be in control of your life

Take control of your life into your own hands!

You are capable beyond your imagination. All you need is a clear vision and a system to follow.

Let’s see, where do you stand about these questions:

–       Do you think you are a quitter, and you procrastinate and have discipline issues?

–       Do you feel like you are in control of time and organization? Or it’s a struggle to find even 30 minutes for yourself?

–       Are you struggling with low self-confidence?

–       Are you stuck in a job you hate in a toxic environment?

–       Do you feel stuck and can’t accept negative life changes (illness or special needs in the family, loss of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy…)?

–       Do you feel like you are unsuccessful compared to everybody else?

–       Do you always put yourself last and everyone else’s needs first?

–       Do you feel stressed and tired all the time?

If you said “mhm” to any of this, just smile and know that there is a way to shift all of this around.

Ready to kick start taking control of your life in your hands?
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The new group is starting very soon.

The group will be open only for 10 of you.
The next course starts soon.

We will go on a journey of 8 weeks together. During this time, you will get from me 5 Masterclasses group coaching sessions and 3 Q&A sessions.
You will be in for a treat of five group coaching sessions where your mindset will be tweaked for getting the results you want. Each masterclass will be 1,5 hours, and it’s going to be every other week. That will give you the time to process the material and do the homeplays. (That’s right, you are not getting homework, but homeplay😊)

To answer all of your burning questions, we will meet 3 times for Q&A sessions.

And there is a very special huge surprise on our first session. Can’t say what it is but its huge (and I’m smiling while writing this as I already feel so excited and happy imagining your faces when I tell you what is it about) 😊

During the whole course, you will get email support from me.

Who am I?

If you don’t know me and this is the first page you open on my website, hello😊.

My name is Maya, and I am happy to see you here.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been coaching people like you. I was helping them overcome challenges, suffering, and struggles that kept them stuck in one place and away from the life they knew they deserved.

After working with hundreds of people in personal coaching sessions, I’ve seen similar patterns, questions, desires, worries, battles, and passions repeating from one person to another.

The thing is, no matter where you are at in your life, and no matter what is the reason that’s holding you to come from point A to point B, there is a proven set of activities and concepts you can implement in your life. You don’t have to start from zero to change and improve your life situation.

I know this from my own experience. I started alone and tried many different things, read over 200 books, attended many workshops, and invested thousands of hours listening to “how-to” videos. I can advise you to repeat all of this or take this course and BENEFIT from my experience. Today I know better, and when I need an answer or feel stuck and confused, I look for guides and helpers.

Find out more things about me here, or just go to YouTube and hear my story.


What can I do for you to kick start taking control of your life Course?

– If you want time management and organizational hacks – I can help.

– If you struggle with self-confidence – I can help.

– If you have too many options or information and don’t know where to start – I can help.

– If you want to learn how to set up clear, bold goals which you are finally going to achieve – I can help.

– If you want help and other persons perspective on detecting unuseful habits and limiting beliefs -I can help

– If you need bust to find self-power and stress relief – I can help.

You are invited to join me in a very close intimate group of 10 women like you, to go on a 8 weeks journey together

If I could grow in my difficult life challenge and find happiness, joy, and calmness, so can you. Because the secret is: I am not extraordinary more than you are. I am not smarter, better, or luckier than you. I just learned a lot, tried a lot, made huge mistakes a lot, failed a lot, and come back a lot of times.

And now I put my whole life experiences, things that worked for me from over 200 self-development books I’ve read, many educations and training I’ve been on the last three years, listen over thousands of educational and motivational videos and working nonstop with a coach and mentor myself. All of this goes in this course.

A kick-start to be in control of your life Is for you if:

– you are sick and tired to stay where you are

– you are willing to take responsibility for your actions and choices and change

– you are curious and want to learn

– you have things/goals you want, and you know you are capable and deserving. You just don’t know where to start

– you started personal development yourself, and you watched too many videos on creating your own life. Still, you just can’t start implementing all that and feel stuck and confused.

Kick-start to be in control of your life Is not the right fit for you if:

– you are not willing to take action and do the work between the sessions

– you want to still play the victim role, sit back and wait for everything else around you to change

– it’s a lot easier to count down the excuses of not doing what needs to be done than to name all the options you have.

– you are looking for a magic wand and someone from the inside to solve all of your problems.

Here are what my beautiful clients say about me.


Other ways you can work with me are:

Special parent coaching (If you have a child with health challenges)

Personal life coaching.

Many people prefer working and learning in a group, and that is why I am offering this option to you.

Our Masterclasses will be on Zoom. But if you can’t make it to join us on a particular day and hour, don’t worry. All sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be available to you another two months after finishing the course.

This course is open to only 10 people.
Why I came up with this number? I’ve been taking part in many different group coaching courses because I love the value of learning in groups. I’ve been in groups of 6 people, and in a group of 60 people. There is more beauty in being in a smaller group. The coach can follow each member, acknowledge their emotions and reactions. There is an opportunity to address all of the questions deeply and in detail.

What is included?

The course Kick-start to be in control of your life will take you and me on a 8 weeks journey, where you will be supported with 5 Masterclass group coaching sessions and 3 Q&A sessions. On those powerful sessions, your mind will be tweaked for the results you want.

Masterclass 1

– Introduction to personal development. You will get clarity on why you haven’t changed yet even though you know all of the theory. There is a secret souse we all need to finally get there.

– Setting up goals and forming a Well-formed Outcome

– Setting up routines

Masterclass 2

– Habits vs. Beliefs

– Inner self-talks

– Your “Why?”

– External vs. Internal Beliefs

Masterclass 3

– Time management and organization

– Two very special coaching models from my toolbox – you will find out in the session what they are.

Masterclass 4

– Self-confidence

– Self-power

– Other people

– Excuses – why we procrastinate

– Imposter syndrome

Masterclass 5

– Stress relief vs. the way we talk to ourselves

– Self-love

– Many resources (podcasts, videos, book suggestions – everything I use for inspiration and learning)

After each session, you will be getting homeplays. (Homeworks are out of the question😊)

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My next group starts soon.
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I am thrilled to be on a 8-week exciting journey with you, after which your life will not be the same for sure.

In this course, you will meet 10 incredible women who are on the same path as you are. The support from the groups is amazing and extremely powerful.

I am part of group coaching programs at least twice a year. I’ve met so many beautiful souls who are my friends today.

This is my favorite benefit of joining a group. That’s why I will never stop participating in group coaching courses, and that’s why I’m so honored to create the same experience for you.

I created this program for you, and I am so excited to see you on our first Zoom call.


Ready to kick start taking control of your life in your hands?

Join us! Register on contact@mayastoychevski.com and just write: I want in.

Two days before the course begins, you will receive a Workbook I created for this course.

Have any questions? Schedule a free call at contact@mayastoychevski and make sure this is right for you.

Your investment for the course: 220,00 Eur.