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Your biggest challenges are your biggest opportunities.


Maya started her coaching career as a Life coach for special parents, helping them overcome negative emotions, sadness, despair, self-pity and all the negative emotions that come with the challenge of having a child with special needs.

She successfully guides special parents to accept their challenges and helps them transform their lives.

The methods and coaching models she uses in her work can serve not only special parents but anyone who wants to achieve their goals and overcome life challenges. Today Maya works as a Life coach with a broad range of clients who want to take control of their life in their hands and become the best version of themselves.

She is helping people to come from “Why me?” to “What am I learning in this experience and how can I get from here to the most fulfilling life I could ever imagine.”

Maya is very passionate about her work and showing people that every challenge in life can be overcome. She is teaching on her own example, and she walks the talk. While working with clients, she only recommends the steps and the actions she tried and gives results

Before she started her coaching career, she went a long way in transforming her life by herself. That’s why she always says, “My daughter Joana was my first and the best teacher. In order to create as much as possible for her, I continually learned, educated, and transformed myself”.

She managed to get through the biggest challenge of her life. Her daughter Joana was born with an unknown diagnosis. She got epilepsy seizures when she was only two months old baby. This shock came with a lot of fear, uncertainty, and trauma. Maya and her husband moved to Germany to provide as better medical care as possible for Joana. You can find more details of her story on her blog, or in the videos.

During the six years of Joanna’s life, Maya successfully overcame all the negative emotions every special parent has. She turned the questions “Why me?” and “Why my little baby?” into “What are we learning in this experience. Is this teaching us how to live better?”

When this shift happened, Maya felt acceptance for her life situation. The health challenges of her daughter were no longer a trigger for sadness, self-pity, feeling stuck, powerless, and hopeless. It started to be a reason for searching for a deeper meaning and positive transformation of her personality.

You can find details about Joana and their story on her blog, as well as on her YouTube channel.

Maya managed to rise above her experience and find fulfillment in all life areas. Trying to be as better as possible for her daughter, she healed many issues around self-confidence, imposter syndrome, time management skills, being able to set priorities and be productive, procrastination and discipline, partner relationship, people relations/conflicts, finding meaning in life and feeling happy every day.

Her daughter Joana is not with us physically anymore since November 2020. But in Maya’s words, “She is in me and all around me and continues to be my inspiration and force that is moving me further.”

Her passion for coaching was born three years ago when she experienced working with a life coach for the first time. She needed help in deciding between two job opportunities.

She liked the session and how many profound questions the coach asked. Noone asked those questions before, and they helped her see a completely different perspective and gain so many ideas and a sense of what should be done. Her next thought was how nice it would be to hire a Life coach for special parents to help her with the challenge with her daughter Joana. Maya was struggling with acceptance and moving on at the time

Because she couldn’t find anyone specialized in this field, she recognized her calling. Maya started work as a life coach for special parents herself.

Today she works with a broad range of clients.

Who is she working with?

– Parents of special needs children

– Clients who want to feel more confident

– Clients who want to get the most out of organization and productivity

– Clients who want to overcome their fear and make determent decision to change jobs, move to another city/country, or other significant decision

– Clients who need help in discipline and consistency and imposter syndrome

– Clients who want to learn how to recognize unuseful habits that keep them stuck and, most importantly, how to adopt new life-changing habits with ease.

Maya is continually working on her education and training. She is also working with a coach and mentor, Orlando Zuccheto.

For the purpose of constantly gaining new skills, she is a participant in weekly NLP group meetings. Last year she finished the training NLP Hypnosis Fusion with Orlando Zuccheto and Amanda Newman.

Other favorite resources for learning and gaining skills are books, videos, and podcasts. This is how she feeds her thirst for learning and a better understanding of the constant changes that come in life. Maya believes in taking responsibility for your own life and getting control of your life back when you are hit by a major life challenge.

She creates some of the content on her YouTube channel, where she publishes new videos every Friday.

Her blog has over 40 articles so far, and she also regularly posts content on her Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

One of her projects she is very proud of is Coffee with Maya. You can find more about it here.

Maya is working with clients 1:1 and also in group coaching courses.

If you are interested in any of these options, please email contact@mayastoychevski.com.

Maya was born in Skopje, Macedonia, and at first, she was in a banking career. She worked in a few bank institutions in Macedonia for 9 years. In the last 6 years, she lives in Germany with her husband, enjoying visiting their families in Macedonia and traveling around Europe.

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