Your biggest hardship is your biggest opportunity!


I had my first coaching session 3 years ago. I needed guidance to choose between two job opportunities. It moved my whole life in a completely different direction, challenging me to personal transformation and growth. I wanted immediately to take another coaching session, but this time with a Life coach for special parents. I thought, “If one coaching session about choosing between two job opportunities could give me so much clarity, imagine what a Life coach for special parents can do for my daughter and me?”

But as I started searching this online, I saw that there is no one who could coach me regarding the health challenges of my daughter, acceptance of our challenge, moving from negative emotions, and finding balance and peace in my life. I was struggling with all of this.

So, I started to search for answers by myself. I was reading book after book. I was diving deeper and deeper into personal development, gaining new perspectives, and realizing that I’d been asking wrong questions the whole time. I learned how to switch from “Why me?” to “What am I learning in this experience?”. I’ve come a long way, and the results in my personal life were enormous.

Finally, I reached a state of blissful high feelings. But I noticed that many special parents are not where I am. I realized how many special parents are stuck in negative emotions – exactly the same place where I was before.

And I said: Not on my watch! I took the things into my own hands and started to help other fellow special parents.

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I’ve been where you are, and I’ve done what you do!

Now it’s time for you to know this: You can get help. You don’t have to waste years and wait for things to get better.

You can work with me and get your help to overcome your challenge.

Can you imagine how you will feel when you reach acceptance, peace, and joy?

Can you see yourself enjoying every day with your beautiful child?

Can you imagine stop feeling stuck, in despair, and all the other negative emotions?


I will help you see the potential you have.

I will show you how your challenge doesn’t define you.

I am so eager to help you turn your challenge around and make it your biggest opportunity for learning and growth.

I am sure you can do all of this because everything you need is in you. It’s only one decision away.

I’ll be challenging you to look within and start to change your mindset. I will help you see how changing your behavior will change the results you have in your life.

I’ll support you in doing the best you can in the areas of your life you have control of. And I will show you how to let go of controlling the things that are out of your control. That’s the way out of frustration and the only way to be in peace.

We will begin by setting up a goal, a clear vision of where you would like to be.

First, we will create your Well-Formed Outcome, which means you and I will get a clear and concrete vision of what your goal is. I will assist you in creating an action plan for getting your goal. We will take a look at your routines, habits, and possible obstacles (like limiting beliefs) in your day that might be preventing you from this.

Most importantly, I’ll be holding you accountable for the plan we will both agree on. I will support you in all of the steps of your development, and I’ll be cheering for you as I know that you have a lot of potential and power within that is not expressed yet.

What I am not going to do is:

– I will not solve your problems but guide you to see the solution and solve them on your own

– I will not judge you

– I will not share the things we are discussing in our session with anybody else. You can count on 100% confidentiality.

See what my clients say about working with me.


I’ve been coaching special parents for the last two years. Besides my training and education, I will bring my personal experience to our sessions with me.

I moved from despair into acceptance. With all the personal growth work I did, many aspects of my life improved.

My self-confidence, organization and productivity skills, the relationship with my husband, the relationship with other family members and friends, my well-being in general.

I changed my mindset, and I want to teach you how to do the same and start taking control of your life into your hands.

I believe everyone can start personal transformation and growth on their own. But when you have someone to guide you, it will be much quicker and more effective.

We will have our coaching sessions on Zoom.

The first option is a commitment of five sessions for five weeks period. During this time of starting your personal growth journey, you will:

–   Get a clear vision for your goal

–   Get the action plan needed to achieve that goal

–   Will be guided with a specific set of coaching models and techniques

–   Will get uniquely tailored sessions depending on your goal

–   Will receive personalized guided meditations

–   Get homeplays (not homework) that you will do between the sessions

–   Get a list of books, videos, podcasts, and other resources I used on my journey.

The second option is ten sessions for ten weeks period. If you want to dive deeper into personal growth and make a long-term commitment, this is a great option for you. With this second option, you will be getting all of the things that are named above. The difference is that in ten sessions time, we will dive much deeper and into more details of the things you wish for yourself.

I speak four languages:

– Macedonian

– Croatian/Serbian

– English

– German

So, if you are a native speaker of some of these languages, that’s the language we will use in our sessions.


What is your benefit from working with a coach?

– you will become much calmer

– you will have a clear vision of your future and where are you going

– you will develop better organization and time-management skills

– you will feel much more confident and in control

– and most importantly, your child will feel all of this

Maya Stoychevski coaching session

Our children can feel when we are in negative emotions. Even if they don’t have the intellectual abilities to say or understand words, they can sense if the parent is sad or nervous all day. Because they can feel this, they feel an emotional burden.

Opposite of that, when you are in peace, happy and hopeful, that is exactly what they are feeling as well.

Our children should be the reason number one why start working on our well-being today.

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Allow your experience to show you how every challenge can become an opportunity to live a life better than you could ever imagine. Allow yourself to discover the meaning of this challenge you have.

–  First option –     

4 Sessions   

450,00 Eur   

– Second option –

8 Sessions

800,00 Eur


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