• Being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it is also the most challenging one. Being a parent to a child with some disability is an additional challenge. Most of the day is fulfilled with fear, questions, and confusion. I was a confused parent and had the chance to work with Maya and she is amazing. Maya helped me to come from confusion to clarity. She gave me tools from her personal experience, so now when I am thinking negatively, I turn to my child and I am looking at him closely and I know what he is trying to say to me. Maya thought me that they are children with special desires, not with special needs. After every conversation with her I feel calmer and I feel like my strength is back. And for a parent, strength and clear mind are precious. Maya has great experience and she always calms me and gives me directions on how to get to answers I am looking for. She is teaching me that in the most challenging situations with my child, I can find a way to first help myself, so I can help my child. And what is most important to me, she helped me realize that no matter how big the challenge is, having a “special” child is one great adventure that is full of love.

    Anita Causevic from Bosnia
  • I´m an exceptional parent, just like you are! I have an exceptional child just like you have and I know she has an exceptional potential! But before I knew Maya it wasn’t always like that….. I was desperate, sad, in panic, was blaming life for a struggle… Maya opened up my view, showed me how life can be amazing. So kind, full of love, she made me feel exceptional as a person and as a mum! If you don’t feel this way I absolutely recommend to contact her! Our kids feel our energy… If we are sad because they have a challenge they know, they feel… and it's not a good feeling when you think your parent is not proud of you or happy to have you!!! Maya helped me to feel different and to accept the situation and challenges we face. Yes there are challenges but everyone has them. Can’t thank you enough Maya for everything!!! I’m one very happy mum with one amazing and happy girl!!!

    Ivona Marcelja Paravic from UK
  • This is my story. My son, Milan was born in the eight month of pregnancy due to urine infection. There were complications and now he has brain damage. When you have preamy there are a lot of scans and check-ups and it is very stressful. It was clear that the white matter on the brain is not fully developed. Finally, after 21 days in the hospital, we took Milan home and we were very happy. After the first check-up in the pediatric office things looked fine and it was a moment to celebrate. And after 2 months we did a second brain scan, and the news was terrible. They told us that our child has CP and that there is nothing we can do about it, but according to the amount of brain damage he will be mild and will face physical and mental challenges. I thought I will have a nervous breakdown. He was not ok in the next months, and physical therapy didn’t seem to help him much. So, I decided to try alternative medicine. There I’ve meet Maya who was there with her daughter too. When I went home, I was thinking about her a lot, and how happy she seemed. But how can she be like that in this situation? How can she stay so positive? I thought, if she can do it, maybe I can too. We started to talk on the phone often and then I took some coaching sessions with her. Everything that she said to me, the things she tries, the methods she uses became reality to me. I am so grateful that I meet her and without her I don’t know where I would be today. Milan is now 2,5 years old and has severe CP with infantile spasms. So far we’ve been in the 5 best hospitals in Europa for a professional opinion. But when you have a child with severe cp the answers are the same everywhere. So, I decided to stop that. Now I’m searching my way of being his mom and not just a caregiver or a “doctor”. I have still things to process, but I know that I am on the right track.

    Keti Teoharova from Macedonia
  • Maya is a beautiful soul and full of love and understanding. Her devotion and professionalism as a coach, deserve all the compliments and recommendation. Thanks to her I got rid of all limitations that were blocking me, and I started to use the resources and potentials that I have. She motivated me to be who I am and to achieve my goals. After each of our sessions, I was full of inspiration, self-initiation, and satisfaction. I felt that you couldn't put a price to her effort to help me and her sincere guidance. For that, I am eternally grateful to her.

    Danica Milosevic from Serbia
  • I am a special parent. I have 3 children, and my middle one is with ASD. I have been a special parent for almost 9 years now. And yes, I have been through a full pallet of negative emotions, fears, and struggles with my son’s situation, but I have finally come on the other side with time and work. Now, for almost 4 years, I teach yoga classes for children with ASD and similar conditions. I teach kindergarten teachers on kindness curriculum and inclusion; I am a creator of the program for inclusive families. And I have shared all this about me so that you can see me. And when you can see me, you can see and imagine my great respect and my humble feeling that I have for Maya. She came into my life like a spring river, fast and strong. Her story about her girl, combined with her positivity, her amazing need, and her wish to help other parents, had just stopped my breath. I said to myself: Dear, this is the attitude that you must obtain. Because if this beautiful human being can be like this after all the experience with her child, then you must excel because it can be done; and see Maya she is doing it. In my experience working with parents myself, I know the level of precision and focus that I give when I try to help them. With the same precision and only a sentence or two, Maya will read my mind and suggest a book, a video, or something to help me. I am happy and honored to have Maya as a fellow human being going in the same direction in this world; we travel together.

    Irena Lozana from Macedonia

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