My Online Course: Kick-start to be in control of your life

A kick-start to be in control of your life

Take control of your life into your own hands!

You are capable beyond your imagination. All you need is a clear vision and a system to follow.

Only 220.00

Let’s see, where do you stand about these questions:

–       Do you think you are a quitter, and you procrastinate and have discipline issues?

–       Do you feel like you are in control of time and organization? Or it’s a struggle to find even 30 minutes for yourself?

–       Are you struggling with low self-confidence?

–       Are you stuck in a job you hate in a toxic environment?

–       Do you feel stuck and can’t accept negative life changes (illness or special needs in the family, loss of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy…)?

–       Do you feel like you are unsuccessful compared to everybody else?

–       Do you always put yourself last and everyone else’s needs first?

–       Do you feel stressed and tired all the time?

If you said “mhm” to any of this, just smile and know that there is a way to shift all of this around.


What can I do for you to kick start taking control of your life Course?

– If you want time management and organizational hacks – I can help.

– If you struggle with self-confidence – I can help.

– If you have too many options or information and don’t know where to start – I can help.

– If you want to learn how to set up clear, bold goals which you are finally going to achieve – I can help.

– If you want help and other persons perspective on detecting unuseful habits and limiting beliefs -I can help

– If you need bust to find self-power and stress relief – I can help.

What is included?

The course Kick-start to be in control of your life will take you and me on a 8 weeks journey, where you will be supported with 5 Masterclass group coaching sessions and 3 Q&A sessions. On those powerful sessions, your mind will be tweaked for the results you want.

Masterclass 1

– Introduction to personal development. You will get clarity on why you haven’t changed yet even though you know all of the theory. There is a secret souse we all need to finally get there.

– Setting up goals and forming a Well-formed Outcome

– Setting up routines

Masterclass 2

– Habits vs. Beliefs

– Inner self-talks

– Your “Why?”

– External vs. Internal Beliefs

Masterclass 3

– Time management and organization

– Two very special coaching models from my toolbox – you will find out in the session what they are.

Masterclass 4

– Self-confidence

– Self-power

– Other people

– Excuses – why we procrastinate

– Imposter syndrome

Masterclass 5

– Stress relief vs. the way we talk to ourselves

– Self-love

– Many resources (podcasts, videos, book suggestions – everything I use for inspiration and learning)

After each session, you will be getting homeplays. (Homeworks are out of the question😊)

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