Maya Stoychevski Life Coach


They say words don’t teach – experience does. I’ve found a way to overcome the sadness, guilt, and despair and feel happy, positive, eager, enthusiastic, and full of joy again.

I did it throw personal development, reading books, and working with a life coach. As soon as I succeed to accept the fact that I am having a child with special needs, I felt totally relieved, happy and everything started to make more sense. Most importantly, all this reflected even better to Joana. The happier I’ve become, the calmer she was. Our children are our mirrors, they reflect our emotions and how we react to things and situations.

The most amazing thing is that people were starting noticing that there is something different about me. They started to tell me that I look very happy, rested, and energized. At that moment I knew that I did it. I found a way to overcome most of the negative feelings I had, and to live in the moment.

I wish everyone to feel what I feel and to know what I now know. That’s why I’ve become a life coach for special parents.

I know that our first instinct is to help our child. So, we jump immediately to find the better hospital, the better doctors, the better physio-therapies, the best kindergarten and school, and in that process, we forget about ourselves completely. When what we are supposed to do is take care of ourselves first. If we do not work to be the best version of ourselves, we have not much to give to our children.

Start to work on yourself today.

How can I help you?

Coaching is partnership between a coach and a client. The coach helps the client to achieve their personal best, and to produce the results they want. Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them.

I am a parent just like you, and I can guide you in the process, showing you my methods, tools and techniques that helped me become the person I am today.

What can I do for you?

We will work on your beliefs, changing perspective on how you look at your child and your life.

Your gain is going to be: learning how to take the most from your life and your current situation; possible career changing; defining all dissatisfaction in your life. It’s all connected. At the beginning your goal will be accepting and understanding your situation, and as a result, you will end up loving your life, just the way It is and be eager for what is coming.

Can you imagine how you are free from fear, sadness, and your limiting beliefs, and how you can truly enjoy every moment of every day with your child?

Can you feel the relief from the sensation that this is not your life and you are living in a nightmare?

All this is possible.

Book a free session with me. That way we can see if we are right fit to work together, and also you will take a look at the methods I use and my plan of working. See the testimonials from the parents they’ve worked with me.

What do you get in our coaching sessions?


–  Setting up goals;

– Recognizing limiting believes that are keeping you stuck;

– Recognizing negative emotions: grief, sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear from the future, guilt;

– The power of acceptance;

– Acceptance and continuing;

  • Email support
  • Approach in closed FB group Special journey, with like-minded people where you will find support and inspiration
  • Tools and methods to improve your life
  • Weekly journaling and homeplays😊

Get help on how to:

        • manage stress;
        • overcome the initial shock;
        • overcome sadness and grief;
        • accept your child’s condition;
        • explore all of your options;
        • improve family relations;
        • achieve peace, joy, and happiness;
        • control over your life, and control over schedules.
  1. Number of sessions: 5      /     Price: 450,00 EUR
  1. Number of sessions: 10   /     Price: 800,00 EUR

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