What To Do To Make Pain Easy Or Go Away?

When you are dealing with the pain that your child faces mental and physical challenges, it often seems like there is nothing you can do to make that pain go away. I know this because I was in the same place.

But the truth is that with a little bit of intentional effort, it is possible to get distracted and to reduce the pain. It takes only to preoccupy your mind with other things that are fun and relaxing for you. There are many things you could do.

My favorite is to read a good book.

Reading has many benefits. First of all, It’s fun. I can write a whole page on the sensations I feel when I take a book in my arms, and the moment I start reading. It’s the feeling of “I can’t wait,” and “I am so excited to find out what it is about.”

It is proven that it has great benefits for your mental health. It’s like a gentle therapy. Reading improves your vocabulary and is very educational. It helps you lower the stress and increase the feeling of enjoyment. It helps improve your memory and stimulate your imagination.

It’s entertaining – we mainly start to enjoy good storytelling from a very young age. And finally, some of the great benefits of the reading is that it helps you sleep better.

Don’t stick to one genre only. There are excellent comedy books out there, novels, thrillers, drama, self-help, mysteries, historical. You can choose whatever you like and whatever mood you are in.

Trust me when I tell you that it’s a great distraction when hard times come.

In the article 7 Tips for surviving your child’s hospital stay, I’ve mentioned that last year, Joana suffered a very challenging crisis and spent six weeks on intensive care. Most of the time, she just slept. In six weeks, I read over ten books. I felt great because I got the chance to shift my mind from the worry and fear of whether Joana is going to survive this, and it was very educational too.

Listen to music. And dance even

I don’t need to explain this too much, do I? 🙂

Music is pleasure, fun, and food for the soul. It is proven that it helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. I love listening to music. It helps me stay in a good mood. I listen to music when I cook or clean, sometimes even when I write. I also listen to music when I meditate.

Joana loves to listen to music too. I notice how relaxed she is and how much she enjoys those moments.

Play some music and dance. Enjoy the moment😊.


I read somewhere that health can be completely free of charge. If you eat balanced food, handle stress well, and exercise, you invest in your health. Personally, this is an activity that I don’t practice regularly, like 12 months a year. It goes in periods. My goal is to become more committed to this practice because frankly, I don’t have to read scientific proves how much benefits physical activity brings. I can feel it.

For example, from the beginning of June this year until two weeks ago, I was doing exercises for 30-40 minutes every day. And I felt great. I felt energized, focused, and was able to concentrate on some tasks for a longer period. I slept better, and of course, it was beneficial for my body shape also.

Exercise is great for discipline, motivation, and starting the day in the right mood. It gives you this rewarding feeling similar to when you climb a mountain.

I am continuing this routine further. Feel free to ask me around December how I am doing and if I am still persistent:).

Start a project

It is very useful to get in a better mood and experience something new. In fact, I have a rule that every 2-3 months, I must do something that I am doing for the first time in my life. It could be the smallest thing like go visit the nearest village I’ve never been to. Or start a blog. I once wrote an email to a person I’ve read an interview about. I was so impressed with their accomplishments and personality. Today that person is my friend.

You can buy some online courses and work on your own. Or go away if you can for 2 days just by yourself in an unknown city. Knit something or start to learn a new language.

I could go and go on with ideas, but I feel I need to say something first.

Maybe to some of you, this sounds like “too easy to say” or “easier said than done.” But the truth is that it is possible to do many from the things I’ve just listed. Why not? Are you going to tell me you have no time for extra activities besides caring for your child? You know that it’s not completely true. Maybe you are going through some rough period, or you are in a hospital or in one of those episodes when the child is not sleeping for days. If so, it’s true that you don’t have the time or will to start some new projects. But luckily, those periods don’t last forever. Eventually, things become normal and bearable again.

And when that happens, be aware that it is your choice whether you will spend your time scrolling on social media or obsessively watch TV shows. Or instead, you decide to learn more about yourself.

You will do that by starting new projects, exploring some new hobbies, and finding out what you like. Trust me, you are going to be surprised.

Two years ago, I meditated for the first time in my life. Then I started a mourning routine for the first time. Then I enrolled in a FB group with likeminded people and even dared to say “hi” to the members in a short video – it was so out of my comfort zone. Then I took an online course for the first time about how to turn your hobby into a business or how to discover your passions and interests. And then, I created a FB page for the first time. I coached clients for the first time. And I started a blog on my website that you are reading right now, which serves as hope and inspiration for many. I am just saying it is very worthful to explore different sides of yourself. Who knows what can come out of it?

Just to get back a little on the comment about the TV shows. I am first in line to watch some good movies or Tv shows. Right now, I am rewatching all the seasons from Sherlock Holmes. But I do that only if I get the chance in the evening, and only if I worked that day for at least 3h on my online business. It’s no harm to have fun or be in social media if you set your priorities right.

Find out what is authentic about you. The pain of anything can go away if we get closer to authentic us.

Learn a new skill

It can distract you from your everyday worries and bring you entertainment and fun. Maybe you want to try Paint by Number. Or learn a new language. Or sign in to a course to improve your writing skills. Or learn knitting – there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. Or maybe it will be useful for you to learn Canva. You never know when you might need that.

Follow your interests and enjoy learning new things.

Hire a coach

You can read here why. The theme in this article is What to do to make pain easy or go away? This is one of the most efficient ways to overcome despair, anger, grief, shame, self-blame, fear, and start to live a life full of joy, optimism, and happiness. I’ve worked with different coaches over the years, which is the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s like giving yourself a luxury personal development treatment that brings excellent results.

Have a night out

Call your friends and go for a drink. If you are a special parent, you don’t get to do this very often, I know. That’s why it’s so nice when you get together with your friends for a drink to catch up and have a little fun. Having a nice evening with your friends will lift your energy up and improve your mood.


Let it all out. Sometimes we need to release our emotions, and it is perfectly fine. I cry when I feel the need, and I don’t have a problem when others cry in front of me. Crying is good. It’s cleaning our emotions and releasing the stress. After crying, we all feel better, and it’s like our energy shifted to another level.

Help someone else

There is extreme pleasure in the act of helping someone. It’s the quickest way to feel energized and simply great. Whether it is advice or keeping someone’s company, or referring a person to someone, or saying words of kindness, it doesn’t matter. I read somewhere that when we help others, we help ourselves, and that’s why helping others feels so good.

If you are in pain and feel a little hopeless, don’t wait for super mega miracles to get you out of that mood. It’s not like at one moment harps from the sky are going to sing, and something miraculous will happened to wash all of your problems away.

Somewhere on a subconscious level, you know you are not waiting for miracles, but you want to change your habit of just waiting for something to happen. You know you want to take action.

Just try these things, and you will see how efficient you can be in improving your own emotional state. Be grateful for small things. If you haven’t felt any body pain today – be thankful for that. Celebrate the little wins and the times when you gained clarity about something. Gratitude will bring amazing things in your life.

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