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Why is it important to travel alone with your partner? (And travel alone)

Going on a trip alone with your partner once in a while alone is a very nice treat you can give to yourself. I will call it “a treat” or a “Luxury,” as something that is optional or “can happen but doesn’t have to,” but actually, I think it’s very necessary.

When children come, life becomes magical and better in so many ways. But in the beginning, it was just the two of you, and you’ve enjoyed different dynamics together.

Wanting to feel like that again from time to time does not mean that you want to go back to “not-having” children. It just means that the batteries need to be recharged. You need to be reminded (both of you) that although the kids are here now, you two deserve to put all the attention on yourself, just for a couple of days, to continue to be able to give all that you provide to your children and the whole family for that matter.

This stands for all the parents in the world, regardless if they have one child or three, and regardless if the child has disabilities or not.

My husband and I are married for eight years, and we are parents for almost six. As you know from Our story, those six were pretty challenging. Not just with Joana’s condition, but also changing the country, the period of adaptation, etc.

Having in mind that besides providing as much as we possibly can for Joana (materially, emotionally, and medically), we also need to take care of ourselves and really be alone sometimes even for two days.

Since we moved to Germany, we’ve been alone on the weekend in Haag, Nederland, in Zagreb (Bruce Lipton experience), and Winterberg (a ski resort in Central Germany). We had also traveled to Egypt for five days two years ago. We also plan a little trip to Croatia in August, which we don’t know if it will happen for sure, giving the situation in the world. We hope it will:).

We live in Germany for five years, and on average, we traveled alone once a year for 2-3 days, and only once it was a little longer.

I am happy with this score giving the fact that the situation with Joana was very sensitive. It is a challenge to find someone to take care of her while we are away. There are medications to be handled, a specific way of eating, and an emergency scenario if seizures happen. That’s why, besides going on a trip together, my husband and I were always able to organize ourselves for each of us to go somewhere alone for a few days.

Going alone with friends on the weekend has its beauty also. And it can bring you many benefits as well.

It’s nice to be away for a couple of days, catch up with your friends, and have fun.

There is no need to feel guilty if you need a break. Your responsibilities are not just toward your children, but towards you as well. Your well-being is important as well as keeping your relationship alive. Also, you deserve to rest appropriately.

Since you became a parent of a special child, your options for vacation became limited. You need to choose a destination not so far away and easy to approach. A lot of conditions have to be met in order to have a nice relaxing holiday as you deserve.

When you and your partner are taking a trip, and it’s just the two of you, it’s not so complicated to organize everything. You don’t have to pause so much (if you are traveling by car), travel any time of the day, choose a regular accommodation, etc.

There are many advantages to traveling alone with your partner, like, choosing a destination from your bucket list and having all the time for just the two of you. You can take long walks, go to a party, stay up late, be spontaneous, and don’t have to plan all the meals for the day. It’s just relaxed and stress-free.

It brings great benefits:

New strengths – you come back well-rested and ready for new challenges. Your energy levels are high again.

New ideas – it’s very likely that you’ve come to new ideas after spending some time thinking and analyzing how the things were until now and what you can do more or implement something new in your everyday life.

Clarity – everything is easier after you get some rest. You are thinking more clearly.

Feeling relaxed and content– and that immediately brings you to a high mood.

A short trip with just your partner is good for the relationship. It’s important to maintain the sparkle. It’s important to keep your relationship strong. To remind yourself why you wanted to be together in the first place. To talk about how have been the things lately. To give each other acknowledgments about how much each of you brings to the relationship.

And it’s important to just have fun.

In the end, I would like to say a special “Thank you” to both of Joana’s grandmas, to her aunts and uncles. Without them, none of our trips couldn’t happen.

While we are talking travels, I was hoping you could write to me in the comments about your favorite destination.

Take care😊



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    This is a great article, thanks for writing it . My favorite destination is Belgrade♥️

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