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Why Special Parents Coaching?

Going through the questions you’ve sent me, I found this one: Why do I need a coach for special parents?
I think this question deserves a whole article for maybe it is something that others are asking too.
To start, I will tell you how hiring a coach helped me.

How coaching helped me as a special parent?

Maya Stoychevski Special Parents CoachWhen I needed to decide whether I should accept an offer to take an online course and learn affiliate marketing or start to write a book, I hired a life coach. At that time, I was in the right place, I have accepted Joana’s condition with all the challenges, and I’ve decided that I can invest some time in doing or create something that would make me grow more. As Martha Beck says in her book Finding your own North Star: “When you achieve to be where you want to be, you can stay there only if it allows innovation and growth.”

I hired a coach, and I didn’t know what to expect. But I liked it very much. I was describing to my friends that coaching is like taking extra care for myself. Like when you decide to give yourself a massage treatment or luxury spa experience, but with coaching, you are doing that to your mind and spirit.

It resonated with me to have a person by my side that is intuitive, nonjudgmental, and has no opinion about the things in my life. Someone to tell about my goals and where I am. Where I want to be and what challenges are on my way. And then to be asked the right questions that would lead me to clarity. I wanted clarity on what I should do, and I found out. I couldn’t wait to start working and accomplishing my goals. I felt energized, and I knew what I want.

I was aware the whole time that all of this I could accomplish myself. I could read, watch videos, do IKIGAI exercises, think and concentrate and meditate until I get the answer – everyone can do that. It’s not impossible. It just takes a long time, and you will do that without the energy of someone else whose passion is to help people find clarity and to coach them.

And then I thought, coaching helped me gain clarity and recognize that I should write a book and create content based on my story so I can inspire people and motivate them in challenging times. It helped me gain clarity that I am a rather creative person than a salesperson (and affiliate marketing is selling staff on the internet). I thought it was a pleasant experience.

These coaching techniques can apply in almost every life segment: career, relations, family issues, financial issues, self-confidence, and so on. I remember thinking: everybody should have a life coach at least occasionally. I wish I had a coach in the first few years when Joana was born to help me change my perspectives and change my beliefs and see the beauty in my life and help me get where I am now… that was it.

My next thought, clear as a bright shiny day, was, that I want to be a coach for special parents. I am going to give parents tools and methods to achieve acceptance, well being, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, and to feel good about themselves and their situation. I know how I realized all these things. Words don’t teach; experience does. My experience is enormous, and I am sharing it with love and joy.

Maya coaching session

What is coaching?

By definition, coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.
Parenting coaching and specifically special parent coaching can help you feel confident and bring you peace, acceptance, and gratitude.
A coach is not judgmental, doesn’t have an opinion, and gives no solutions. But it is someone who will ask the right questions so you can recognize your potentials.

What to expect from special parent coaching?

Maya working session

I am very parent- oriented, and my goal is to help you. Our children get enough attention from us, the rest of the family, the doctors, and the nurses. You are my priority. Coaching sessions take place over Skype or Zoom call. I will listen to you, and you will talk. In our first session, you will tell me why you are seeking coaching and what you hope to gain from our sessions. I will also give you questions to understand your current challenges you face and how do you feel.

The methods and techniques I use include writing your thoughts (sort of like journaling) or merely making a note about something you thought or happened that you want to discuss in our next session. Also, I will give you exercises about gratitude and acceptance that will include questions.

When you answer those questions, you will gain clarity about your situation and what you want in your life and how to achieve your goals. When I do those exercises with my clients a few times, they almost always say that they now see new possibilities. They not only managed to accept their situation but also realized that they can now pursue new goals, advance in their careers, change their profession, and improve their relationships with others.

I might suggest what books to read or to watch some documentary – that’s up to you and how far you want to go. I also may recommend starting some daily routine, so you can learn how to be present at the moment and not overwhelmed with the past or the future.

Let me tell you this: coaching plays a big part in personal development and can be the first step in improving your life. Once you commit to working on yourself, know that this is a long-term process, and if you want to achieve the results you wish for, you have to invest time and effort.

Your happiness and your life are your responsibility. Breaking the old programs and thoughts that brought you where you now are can’t be changed overnight.
Although most of my methods and techniques can apply to any person in general, each person is still unique and has a specific issue that wants to be solved. That means that the methods will depend on you and your circumstance.

Maya Stoychevski

What can I as special parent coach do for you?

Manage stress-related issues

My focus is you as a parent, and we will work on discovering the best ways to take care of yourself and manage your stress.

Parenting style

It is crucial when you interact with your special child what words do you use. It doesn’t matter whether your child understands words or not. They all understand energy very well. It was lifesaving for me when I decided to try consciously to stay calm when Joana was screaming for hours. Instead of my usual collapsing into petty and despair, I whispered in her ear that I trust her. And I am not trying to fix her anymore. And I am letting her be who she wants to be. And she calmed down. Read Our Story to find out more about this.

Handling transitions and crises

Life is full of ups and downs, and nothing stays unchanged forever. I can help you be the best version of yourself during those times. You could change the country (like I did), your child can get better, and then a new crisis can come (like in our case), you could go through a divorce or lose someone you love.

Building your self-confidence

If you think you are not enough, you made many mistakes, panicked that you’ve waited too long about something, I will show you 1.000 reasons that’s not true. You have everything you need to be a good parent to your special child; you only need to believe in yourself.

A balance between work and personal life

As much as stressful special parenting might be, and now you face many new challenges, at least one of the parents must work. Coaching can help you find a balance between your career, family, and social life.

What do my clients think about working with me?

You can find out here what some of my clients think about working with me.
Everything you want you can achieve by yourself. It just depends on how fast you want to go.


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